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Thread & Ember

Gemini | Constellation | Embroidered Baseball Hat

Gemini | Constellation | Embroidered Baseball Hat

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Illuminate your style with Thread & Ember's Hand-Embroidered Gemini Constellation Baseball Hat – a tribute to the expressive and versatile spirit of Geminis. Visualize a deep black canvas brought to life by a golden thread intricately crafting the dynamic Gemini constellation. This hat, seamlessly blending comfort with flair, embodies the essence of Gemini traits – adaptability, wit, and the captivating duality of their nature. Symbolizing the Twins' spirited energy, the golden stitches mirror the dynamic and communicative spirit of Geminis, making this accessory the perfect statement for those who crave style with a touch of versatility. Join Thread & Ember in crafting a celestial fashion statement that mirrors the vibrant duality of the Gemini personality! ♊✨

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