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Thread & Ember

Taurus | Constellation | Embroidered Baseball Hat

Taurus | Constellation | Embroidered Baseball Hat

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Introducing the "Stellar Taurus" Black Hat by Thread & Ember – a celestial masterpiece that blends the classic allure of a black hat with the captivating Taurus constellation hand-embroidered in radiant gold thread. This enchanting accessory celebrates the strength and grace of Taurus individuals, embodying their steadfast, reliable, and luxurious qualities. Perfect for brunch, strolls in the park, or spontaneous adventures, this hat effortlessly fuses practicality with style, letting your Taurus spirit shine. Elevate your look and embrace your celestial side with the "Stellar Taurus" Black Hat – because every Taurus deserves an accessory as bold and beautiful as they are! 🌌✨

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